Marine Crewing Agency in Ukraine/Odessa

Тип пропозиціїІнвест проект
Сума інвестицій 5000 USD
Річна прибутковість100 %
Термін окупності3 міс
Термін проекту1 рік
Повернення інвестицій0 %
Загальна вартість проекту0 USD
Частка інвестора80 %
Права інвестрівЧастка продукції, %
Регіон Україна
СфераІнше, Послуги, сервіс
Влад Яровой
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Опис бізнес ідеї

We are looking for real foreign shipowners for cooperation in finding and training seafarers to work in your company.

We offer world shipowners to open an office of your marine industry in Ukraine, Odessa. We will be your partners and representatives of your company.

Search, recruitment and training of maritime personnel to work on the ships of your company.

We have the necessary work experience and all the permits for this type of activity!

Повний опис інвестиційного проекту

We offer you cooperation on the establishment of your marine cruing agency in Odessa, Ukraine.

Odessa is a port city, there are many maritime establishments, many who want to work in the sea.

And in Ukraine there are even more of them.

We have been engaged in intermediary activities since 2005.

We are intermediaries of intermediary marine agencies.

We have established business relations with all naval schools and higher marine educational institutions, which teach various marine specialties.

Main advantages:

- We have the necessary marine experience and education. - We train and issue any naval documents for seamen. - We are engaged in teaching foreign languages in all maritime specialties.

- Great opportunities for the promotion of marine services of any shipowners.

- We offer you full support of your marine business in Ukraine.

We offer shipowners - a promising platform for cooperation and conducting your maritime business in Ukraine.

We are waiting for your suggestions and are ready for real cooperation!

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Стадія проектуСтадія розширення
Мета інвестиційРозширення бізнесу
Робочі місця10
Тип інвестораУсе
Форма інвестиційАкціонерний капітал

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The team has a work experience of 13 years.

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